Minutes of the OPFC Public Meeting, Aberdeen

Olympic Peninsula Forest Collaborative
Grays Harbor Public Meeting – Rotary Log Pavilion, Aberdeen, WA
Monday, May 9, 2016
11:00AM – 12:30PM
Meeting Minutes

11:00 Opening Remarks – Mayor Erik Larson, City of Aberdeen
11:05 Remarks & Emcee – US Rep. Derek Kilmer, WA 6th District
11:10 Presentation of OPC Governance Document – Matt Comisky & Jon Owen
11:15 Review of OPC Work to Date – Derek Churchill, David Marshall, Toby Thaler, Knox Marshall

  • Donkey Creek
  • H to Z

11:25 Remarks – Dean Millett, District Ranger, Pacific Ranger District, Olympic National Forest
11:30 Presentation of OPC Membership – Matt Comisky & Jon Owen
11:40 Audience Q&A for OPC Board of Directors Panel – Moderated by Rep. Kilmer / Staff

Q: Edward (Aberdeen) – Biofuels, Biomass, Federal Funding?
A: That is not the focus of this collaborative, so the question should be directed elsewhere.

Q: Bill Pickell (Hoquiam) – What’s the future of the ONF if after 80 years of age you can’t log? Late Successional Reserve (LSR) NW forest plan, treatments, Adaptive Management Area (AMA) (some reform needed)
Q: Ray Brown (GH Republican party) – Plan to monitor increased board ft. production and
economic activity?
A: Yes, to the extent it’s possible.

Q: Jim Hargrove (Hoquiam) – w/in AMA, they were to be thinned specifically to create habitat. Will the OFC be able to utilize AMA to increase harvests sustainability? (change the focus from habitat)
A: Matrix reform in flux, this is the early stages of those conversations.

Q: Dillon Weber – What’s too good to be true? Hard part begins after initial collaboration & pilots. Has this been done before? When things get tough and break down, is there a model to look to, to help sustain the group?
A: This effort has not been tried on the Olympic Peninsula before. These efforts don’t supplant the need for Forest Service funding and agency support. All the parties are committed to working together in good faith to make progress.

Q: Harold Brundstad (ONF/landowner) – Opportunity alter the LSR boundaries? Does the stewardship plan (FS) designate money to some timber layouts? (Future planning)… rather than environmental priorities for example.
A: The focus of this group has been in AMA areas. We hope to make progress on larger timber policy but are starting with pilot projects in AMA to build consensus.

Q: Christie Barchenger (Historical Seaport) – Appreciate this work! “Education Director.” If this is long haul, do you have a plan for bringing in those generations who will lead this effort in 50 years? This “education” may be the lynchpin to the OFC’s success.
A: We agree and the Collaborative would welcome help from the non-profit and education communities to help with scientific monitoring.

Q: Rep. Brian Blake (Aberdeen) – Roads. Existing before thinning then destroyed for EIS, post-thin. Is there a way to leave “roads” (essentially trails, no motor access) after thinning projects for recreational access?
A: This group is not involved in road maintenance specifically. Those are processes managed by local Forest Service staff.

Q: Megan (Pac. Mountain WDL) – RE: Education/workforce there is and for pipeline development right now.
A: We welcome the opportunity to work together with local organizations.

12:20 Closing Remarks – OPC Board of Directors
12:25 Closing Remarks – U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer, WA 6th District
12:30 Adjourn